Adrian Cartwright - Independent Financial Advice

“Having worked with many Financial Advisors over many years, Adrian is a breath of fresh air”
John Slater - Corporate Head

“He has a genuine interest in the markets which is evident in his enthusiasm for making my portfolio work for my family”
Nick Rossi - Air Pilot

“Adrian follows up with regular meetings to keep me informed and to assess changes in my circumstances”
Stephen Evans - Consultant

“Professional, approachable, knowledgeable of the products he recommends and eloquently explains market jargon”
Alex Chan - Director of Finance

Pension Transfers

This is a complex area requiring the very best advice from a qualified expert. There are numerous solutions and scenarios to consider – it is definitely not something to get ‘wrong’. Adrian will endeavour to ensure that no stone is left unturned in going through this process. View testimonials from people who have gone through this process.

UK National Insurance

For UK Expatriates it is often advisable that they contribute towards their UK State Pension by making voluntary National Insurance Contributions. They may even back date payments too. However, most people do not know how to do it! For more info, click the link here.

Dubai Based Consultant

Adrian has lived in Dubai since 2014 enjoying a successful career as a financial advisor. Prior to that, in his former military career, he spent time within the UAE and the wider region. That said, he has clients globally and is always happy to help in any way he can.

An Independent Financial Consultant Dubai

Adrian Cartwright is a Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (ACSI) qualified independent pension and financial advisor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Adrian Cartwright

Adrian Cartwright learned to ‘plan’ and ‘manage’ (as well as other things) in a successful military career where he worked as an Infantry Officer for almost a decade. Planning anything, be it a strategic review of your company, a military operation or, indeed, your personal finances, should be structured and holistic.

Adrian takes the basic principles of planning and combines them with a UK Level 4 financial services qualification to bring everything together and leave no stone unturned.

From the complexities involved in a pension transfer to the simple and straight forward need to move money through Foreign Exchange and everything in between, Adrian can offer straight forward advice and break down seemingly complex situations into simple, easy to follow, structured guidance.

Please take a look at the financial services above to get a true understanding of the full range of areas he is happy to talk you through.

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Areas of expertise

With a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive products to suit all financial planning needs, why not explore further by clicking on a service below.

Pension Transfers

A complicated area requiring the very highest level of financial planning but one which can have great client outcomes.

Trust & Estate Planning

Fast becoming one of the key areas for people to get right. Rising asset prices and no real rise in the Tax Free Nil Rate Band have made this an important consideration for many.

Portfolio Design

Every client is a different individual and each have different reasons for investment. The portfolio design should best fit the client.

Retirement Planning

‘We either die or get older’ – every single one of us needs to be looking at this and formulating a structured, logical and flexible solution.

UK National Insurance

For most UK expats this is a must.

Property Investment

Property has traditionally been apart of any well diversified portfolio and Adrian can advise on the best places in Europe to invest right now.

Personal Protection

Life cover, critical illness cover, Disability cover – these are all things that most of us know we need but we need to find the right solution. Again, as with everything, there are lots of different options out there and getting advice on the most suitable one for you is key.

Education Planning

As parents, most of us want to be able to give the best start in life that we can. Education planning is a great way of ensuring that.


Advice for expatriates looking to purchase both in the UK and in the UAE.