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Retirement Planning in Dubai

This is something that all of us need to do. To put it plainly, we are either going to die or we are going to get older and, assuming that we do not die, we will either want to or need to some day stop working.

Personally, I do not like the term ‘retirement plan’ as I, like many others, enjoy working and feel as though I will never stop, however, will I get paid for it? In stead of ‘retirement’ I prefer to use the term ‘the point in time where I will have the option to work for free or for fun’.

Those who think that this is not an issue and they can worry about it later are quite simply wrong. Go on google and you will find numerous articles on why this is important, however, a recent comprehensive one that appeared on Bloomberg can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Retirees Might Run Out of Money 10 Years Before They Die

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